Our Goals

At Top Notch Supply, Inc., we strive to provide our customers with the best cleaning solutions, janitorial supplies, and equipment at cost-effective prices. We believe Customer Service should provide a competitive advantage and added benefits to maximize the total value to the customer. Meeting the expectations of our customers is our top priority and we will work with you to fulfill the needs of your current cleaning program and offer solutions that will help your business by increasing efficiency and lowering your costs.

Our State Collaborations

FAC118 (Environmentally Preferrable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies)

Top Notch Supply, Inc. has been awarded the FAC118 (Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies) Statewide Contract. We are now an FAC118 approved vendor for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and New York. This multi state-wide contract requires all green chemicals and janitorial paper products included in this contract are "Independently Third-Party Certified", meaning that the environmental claims, as well as the product performance, have been tested and certified by an established and legitimate, nationally recognized third-party certification program. We will work diligently with our contract qualified customers to find the right product for their needs while maintaining compliance.

MHEC (Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium)

Top Notch Supply, Inc. is an approved MHEC Vendor. The Massachusetts Higher Education Purchasing Consortium ("MHEC") was established under Massachusetts State Law (Ch. 15A, € 24A) to provide efficiencies and cost savings to its members. Public and private colleges and universities, not for profit charter, technical and vocational schools, municipalities, including elementary and secondary schools, libraries, housing authorities and not for profit educational organizations located in New England (Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island) are all eligible for FREE membership.

Our Policies

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

We value uplifting underrepresented groups in order to cultivate a welcoming, well-rounded and inclusive janitorial supplies industry. We have successfully built longstanding partnerships based off our three principles: trust, collaboration, and communication. For these reasons, we prioritize building and maintaining partnerships with both vendors and customers alike who hold diversity certification including but not limited to Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (SDVOBEs), Veteran Business Enterprises (VBEs), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Business Enterprises (LGBTBEs), and Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (DOBEs). Additionally, when engaging with non-certified diverse businesses, we provide credible organizations with the resources necessary to obtain certification through the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office, National Minority Supplier Development Council, the Women Business Enterprise National Council, and other relevant certification agencies.

Sustainability Policies

We recognize the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and we are dedicated to building a clean energy future. We strive to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. Since our organization was founded, we have always prioritized long-term investment and growth over short-term relief. These values are the blueprint of all policies and practices at Top Notch Supply, Inc. Here, we invest in a sustainable future for the planet, for the people, and for the economy. We build on renewable energy sources to achieve emission reduction. Our motion sensor, LED lighting contains occupancy and dimming controls throughout, while our high-efficiency lamps contain low-power electronic ballasts retrofits. Top Notch's facility is a proud part of Cummings Properties; the main building has a 30-kilowatt solar panel array that generates approximately 50 percent of the energy used by the building's common area systems. By composting instead of throwing scraps in the garbage can, we reduce the need for both chemical fertilizers and methane emissions, ultimately lowering our carbon footprint. We also work with our gas partners and replace aging pipes on a regular basis to prevent and reduce methane leaks.

Toxics Reduction Strategy

We seek to minimize the harmful environmental effects caused by hazardous materials by prioritizing eco-friendly, non-hazardous chemicals that hold Bio-Based, Design for the Environment (D of E), or FSC certification. If the use of hazardous materials is unavoidable, it is company policy to provide training and offer any equipment necessary (i.e., gloves, protective glasses, etc.) along with the purchase of any product containing hazardous material. We recognize the harmful effects that these chemicals can have on both the environment and the individual, which is why we limit the use of these chemicals and always point customers toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning choice. One way that we reduce the use of hazardous material is by training our customers on sustainability. For example, we train our customers to utilize an environmentally friendly floor wash every year to substitute an annual floor stripping. In this way, customers only need to use floor stripper once every three years, extending their stripping cycle for 3x as long, and ultimately reducing the use of hazardous material.